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Intrinsic Equilibrium

Slower, Stronger, Fluid 
Kneeling 1

I find my low back relaxed and my tummy calm while I am in kneeling position; and a gentle massage on my hands and knees stimulate a relieving sensation! Spiraling movement empowers me to build strength on my shoulders, my low back and sides. More than that, my inner balance is improved by controlling my breath steady. Why don't you try it and explore this feeling yourself?

Slower, Stronger, Fluid
Floor 1

Set up small sessions for yourself throughout the day, never let the energy level drop completely down, be aware of how your feel, and practice, then feel your body. Any happier?

Anti-mouse-hands practice

We all need to take care of our hands, wrists and arms, especially who works in office 8 or 9 hours everyday, maybe even longer... pick some moves from this video, practice through out the working day, take the breath to your hands!

Hiking Rejuvenation

When we are hiking or trekking, especially always going up or down for long time, the front and back side of the body are not balanced. While we are resting from time to time, why not take a mindful yoga break, a spiraling spinal movement will definitely rejuvenate the vital energy again.

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