• Temple Yoga

    with Yiyang

    Yiyang teaches yoga at the Temple Zhizhu which is located in the heart of the historical Beijing,  just steps away from the Forbidden City and Jingshan Park. 

    In the temple of the self, be gentle with yourself.

    In the temple of the self, breathe like a tree breathing in the valley.

    In the temple of the self, listen to the natural sounds of your body.

    Be aware of your movement and stillness, Qi will arise from within.

  • One-on-One


    I follow the Krishinamacharya – Desikachar yoga tradition (Viniyoga tradition), it is a highly individualised natural practice with differentiation, adaptation and appropriate application. I guide the student work on their prana (breath), therefore, let the prana heal the body. Base on the personal consultation, I will design a sequence to fit into the student’s daily activity naturally and comfortably, and teach the student how to practice on their own correctly and effectively.  Depends on the individual’s health condition, understanding on yoga practice, etc., the follow up session(s) will help them dive deeper into their pranamayam (breath work) and manomayam (mind work).

    I have been trained to understand practical knowledge of human biology and common human pathologies. I am experienced at guiding therapeutic practice in order to create an appropriate and safe practice for a particular health condition, such as scoliosis, high/low blood pressure, chronic/acute pain (back, shoulder, knee or joint pain), etc. 

  • Personal Consultation


    I offer personal yoga consultation via WeChat or Skype. If you are concerned about your health condition or you want to know if you are physically suitable to join a yoga class or if your doctor suggests you to practice yoga and you want a personalized practice for your condition, then a personal yoga consultation will help you to build suitable practice principles and a stronger foundation in your understanding of yoga as a way of life. 

  • Group Class

    Maximum 5 people

    Daily classes at my Humble Yoga studio in Beijing. Small group class maximum 5 people. I teach 2 types of class - a mellow Ashtanga Vinyasa Series 1 and slow nurturing movements. We are focusing on subtle practice to establish the relationship between body and mind individually. I give modified and simplified poses as needed individually. 

  • Kids' Yoga

    After School Activity,

    Classroom Sessions.

    Learning by Playing

    People do not learn by being taught but by experiencing. It has been found that learning through playing games tends to focus attention more effectively than most other teaching devices. Play games are a very old and widespread form of learning. It is used as a form of emotional and behavioural therapy, a way to learn social skills!

  • Office Yoga

    Shoulder and neck pain? Hunching back? Dry eyes? Poor breathing? Mouse-hand? Low back blockage? Tight hips and legs?

    Yoga session during your office hours will boost positive energy within your body, improving how to breath better, to think clearer and ultimately perform more efficiently. 


    The practice is customized accordingly the company needs.

What Students Say

“Yiyang helped me understand that yoga is neither a sport, nor a performance, but an intense and deep training that leads the practitioner to learn how to listen to his/her own body and mind and also to cultivate self-love. I’ve discovered new inner energies and abilities since I became her student.” 


- Gaia

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